November Arrivals at Maiwa East

by - Thursday, December 01, 2011

These are just some of the things that have come into our warehouse space at Maiwa East. Above - marble figures salvaged from building demonlition. Each one has its own face and makes a nice heavy book-end. 49.95 each.

We receive containers on a regular basis holding old furniture, carved doors & thresholds, teak cabinets, coffee tables, book cases, engraved water urns, ironwork chairs and tables, furniture handpainted by the renowned Abhi Shakar and Jetu Singh, and many other items both large and small.

A selection of old and handmade scissors. Some of these items have seen a lifetime of use in the hands of tailors. Some have been cleverly forged by the village smith. Quirky and beautiful at the same time. $19.95 each.

Two-door teak cabinet. Aprox 5' high x 33" wide x 14" deep. A fine addidtion to any room, the clear glass on the upper doors lets you show off your books or textiles, while the solid lower doors alows you to store less showy items. $599.00

Two-door teak cabinet. Aprox 3' 6' high x 30" wide x 18" deep. This wooden cabinet has an ornate rail at the top and is quite deep. Perfect for storing blankets or larger items. $399.00

Marble disks. We've been told that these were traditionally used as a kind of press to put a pattern in mango pulp. The ones shown here are the perfect size for a large candle or bottle of wine. Available in a variety of patterns. $19.95 each.


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