New to the store - Green Zebras

by - Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Anyone who has lost a set of keys probably knows about the TB Vets KeyTag Service. (Add a tag to your ring and if you loose your keys and someone else finds them, they will be mailed back to you). Now the same group has issued a coupon book for Vancouver promoting "Local Savings for Sustainable Living." The coupons are targeted toward organics, restaurants, eco-friendly products, health and fitness, cultural activities, and getaways.

Maiwa has two coupons in the book. The first is for 20% off a one-time clothing purchase, the second is for 20% off a one-time bedding purchase. Is it a good deal? Well the book (which costs $20) could pay for itself with one purchase- leaving you with over 290 other coupons - and the key tag.

The books are available in the Maiwa stores and at a variety of other Vancouver locations.

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