Symposium 2009 - The Gates Open

by - Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog for the past few days. All our resources have been focused on one thing and one thing only - registrations for the 2009 symposium. It is a hopeful note in these drear economic times that the symposium has grown this year. The number of offerings has grown and the audience has considerably expanded.

How busy was it? The lineup for walk in registrations began to form at seven am. There were a lot of drop spindles in the line and more than a few pairs of knitting needles clicking away. At our opening time of ten am it led around two sides of the Net Loft building.

When ten am hit the phones rang constantly, and, due to the massive traffic on our website, the online processing was flooded. It did not function in all cases with the grace and precision we have come to expect of it. It was hammered with requests for workshops. The most popular sold out in the first manic seconds of opening day. Behind the scenes, upstairs in the Maiwa Loft we had a complete second set of staff, processing registrations, checking internet and advising on alternative courses.

By the time our day ended at midnight, 90% of the workshop places had been filled. This is good for us, great for instructors, but difficult for students who saw spaces fill without them. Often it was simply a case of great demand and a limited number of openings. It was a hectic day, but we are always impressed with how patient and warm spirited people are. One woman, after waiting in line and not getting into a course, said; "you know, its sad for me, but I truly hope that you are always this rushed on opening day. I may not have got in, but when I think of the larger picture it makes me happy."

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