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by - Tuesday, July 04, 2017



With Mary Zicafoose & Sara Goodman

An inspiring workshop taught by two groundbreaking artists who have had a profound impact on the textile traditions and practices of artisans worldwide.

In this workshop students will work with both resist-dyed threads which are called ikat, and with direct application of dyes which is called a painted warp (or weft). Ikat tapestry weaver Mary Zicafoose of Nebraska will share techniques from her lifelong ikat studio practice, and natural dyer Sara Goodman of New England will teach warp painting with natural dyes. Students will learn how to establish and maintain a natural fermentation vat and an iron vat, as well as many other processes and techniques.


The over-and-under manipulation of individual fibres into cloth is neither a heroic nor a precious activity. It is a simple, repetitive process which, when plied with intention, artistic vision, and inspired craftsmanship, becomes the agent for textile objects of legend. 

I create textiles that aspire to do more than grace museums, command public spaces, and decorate homes. They are woven metaphors that strive to tie the contemporary, the symbolic, and the timeless together—coded to become a magical and lyrical form of cloth.

It is my belief that the activity of working with fibre, the processes of spinning, dyeing, wrapping, weaving, sewing, joining—the simple yet complex acts of making cloth—can trigger spiritual and cultural memory. It is my experience and my belief that inherent in the hum and whir of the wheel, and in the rhythmical bang, bang, banging of the beater, and in the silence and the singularity and focus of the fibre processes, comes a letting go and an expansion. It is my belief that over the ages, as women, and men have stooped and bent over their handwork, their simple cloth, as well as the fine brocades of kings and queens, a greater collective emotional, energetic, and etheric fabric has been remembered and woven. Weaving has always been a portal for information, guidance, inspiration, and revelation—for meditation and renewal.

Fiber Art Now - Spring 2017 Issue - In Their Own Words (Mary Zicafoose: Midway)

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