Amazing Yarn Shipment from Japan

by - Monday, July 04, 2016

Up in the Maiwa Loft we've just pulled the packing tape off some pretty amazing yarns. There were lots of oohs and ahhhs as we pulled out yarns made of wool, linen, silk, cotton, stainless steel, and paper. These form the basis of Setsuko Torii's workshop - Yarn Aesthetic. There was all this, and then we found that Setsuko had included a special set of spindles for each participant of the class. What lucky students!

As of this posting there are four spaces left in the class. It runs two days, October 20 and 21st. But after these pictures we don't think those spots will last long. So if you have a desire to work with one of the best yarn architects alive, this is the workshop for you.

Setsuko Torii founded AVRIL with Masami Fukui in 1992. For over thirty years AVRIL has been a leading centre for yarn and knit innovation. Torii launched her own brand “SETSUKO TORII” in 2012. Over the years Setsuko has received international recognition as one of the leading designers of both yarns and garments for Habu Textiles. The Habu aesthetic is deeply tied to the notion of slow clothes: “We carry ‘slow’ materials, not flashy, not necessarily pretty, not cheap, not easy, but those that will give a soul to the fabrics.” Setsuko Torii has dedicated her life to making such materials sing.

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