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by - Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Style for all your Senses

An Oasis of Interior Design 

An English enamelled pot. "JUDGE" WARE. These came to us by way of India.
Beautiful black finish - perfect for warming your mulligatawny ($129.95 - $149.95).
 It rests on a vintage Indian kantha quilt (149.95).

Hammered copper vessel.
The finish of this item recalls each blow of the artisan's hammer - a wonder of craftsmanship and
a pleasure to hold ($499.95). It rests on a vintage Indian kantha quilt (149.95).

Two white enamelled cups ($12.95 each) sit on a black marble platter.
The platter - as heavy as the rock it was cut from, is a marvel of the stonecutter's art ($249.00).
Both items sit on a vintage Indian kantha quilt (149.95).

A small brass bucket ($69.95) is filled with the small bells ($1.95 each)
made by artisans from the Kutch desert. The bellmakers are justifiably famous - for they can
make a bell to suit any herd animal. Moreover they can tune the bell so that you can tell
your goats apart from the goats of the other shepherds. 

Maiwa East

Open Thursday - Saturday 10 - 5
Open Sunday 11 - 5

1310 Odlum Drive, Vancouver, Canada

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