August Arrivals at Maiwa East

by - Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's rare that we do two posts on Maiwa East in a row, but there is so much arriving right now that we wanted to share some of the highlights. Each of our items is unique. All have personality.

A cabinet of curiosities, a bohemian conversation made of carved wood. This piece features columns and feet and a beautiful blue patina. Aprox. 4 feet high, 2.5 feet wide and 18 inches deep.
Price 799.00

Just looking at this cabinet makes one think of the Gulf Islands, cottages, and old farm houses. It is painted a cerulean blue of deepest summer, a wonderful lightness and counterpoint to the solid teak wood. Approx. 3.5 feet high, 4 feet wide, and 12 inches deep.
Price 899.00

A solid teak chest of drawers. This piece is characterized by the natural colour of the wood. The paint on the drawer facings adds interest and character. Approx. 3 feet high, four feet wide and 14 inches deep.
Price 799.00

A carved chest from Himachal Predesh in northern India. There has never been a more beautiful way to hide clutter. The cover is hinged to make a perfect bench and the roomy box can hold boots or shoes. We have a number of these in a variety of sizes - each one is different. The one pictured is Approx. 2 feet high, 2.5 feet wide, and 14 inches deep.
Price 349.00

We receive containers on a regular basis holding old furniture, carved doors & thresholds, teak cabinets, coffee tables, book cases, engraved water urns, ironwork chairs and tables, furniture handpainted by the renowned Abhi Shakar and Jetu Singh, and many other items both large and small.

All hardwoods are old or reclaimed.

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