WORKSHOP The Photo Emulsion Screenprint

by - Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Photo Emulsion Screenprint
Anne Babchuk

$250 (includes $80 for lab fee and screen) class limit 14
November 1, 2 (Thu, Fri) 10am–4pm
Maiwa East, 1310 Odlum Drive, Vancouver, Canada

Screenprinting is an invaluable process for textile artists. The photo emulsion allows the artist to “expose” a screen, just like a photographic negative, giving great versatility in the types of images that can be used. It is also the perfect technique for doing multiples on cloth.

This two-day class takes the mystery out of the photo emulsion process. It provides a solid foundation for those considering a screen-printing business or for those using the screenprint as a design element in textile projects.

Each student will understand the steps necessary to prepare an image, adhere it to a high quality screen, and use that screen to print on fabric.

All printing will be done on 100% natural fibres using Setacolor fabric paint. Participants will learn to print materials such as T-shirts and yardage on a variety of textile weights (cotton, silk, linen). Using a variety of single-pull techniques, students will explore solid one-colour printing, repeating patterns, rainbow printing, and registration. Participants will also learn how to reclaim screens for a change of imagery.

Anne will explain the different approaches needed to use screen printing for natural dyes and synthetic dyes.

Instructor Bio

Anne Babchuk has been a resident instructor for the Maiwa Textile Workshops for the past 17 years. She has taught classes in a wide range of traditional and contemporary surface design processes. Some specialties are: natural dyeing and printing, indigo dyeing, shibori, block printing, and precision dyeing.

Anne studied fine art at Okanagan University. To fund her education she started her own home-based textile business. She feels her greatest education has come through working for Maiwa Handprints, taking workshops from world-class instructors, and travelling.

Currently she archives and maintains the Maiwa Textile Collection and Library. She is also a trustee of the Maiwa Foundation and co-ordinator for the Maiwa Textile Symposium.

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