LECTURE Joan Morris

by - Monday, May 14, 2012

Joan Morris
New Hybrids from Ancient Tools
Thursday October 25

Joan Morris is one of the most innovative hands in the textile arts today. A master dyer at Dartmouth College’s theatre department, Morris is also co-inventor of a patented process for putting precious metals on cloth. Since 1983 she has been working in the ancient technique of shaped-resist. It is both time- and labour-intensive, but Morris has found it to have many qualities that can be played against printing, photography, photo-resist, metal work, and other forms of resist such as wax.

Join Joan Morris as she presents a three-decade-long journey through the frontiers of textile manipulation. This richly illustrated talk will explore theatric, cartographic, and painterly “canvases.” Joan will show some of the altered forms that result from merging personal and historical sources of inspiration with shaping and dyeing.

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