Sunday, May 20, 2012

EVENT Living Blue


Exhibition and Lecture
with food and refreshments

Presentation 7:30 pm –Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bangladesh is one of the most suitable regions for growing indigo. However, due to the colonial history of the crop and the subsequent rise of synthetic indigo, its potential has remained dormant. Now Living Blue, a project of the Nijera Cottage and Village Industries, has revived the famous crop. They are using it to add this distinctive blue to a range of exquisite textiles.

Village artisans combine a variety of traditional stitches with nui shibori on handspun, handwoven (khadi) cloth. The results are a range of quilts, shawls, and scarves that convey the feeling of well-loved cloth.

Join Anowarul Haq and Apurba Deb Roy from the Living Blue project as they take the audience on a guided tour of some of the most exciting textiles to come out of South Asia. There will be a discussion of the cooperative and how the Living Blue project is changing lives in Bangladesh.

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