Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Best Thing To Put Between Yourself And The Light


It’s the perfect time of year for these airy, light-weight curtains as they let the warm light stream in while still offering a subtle opacity.

The body of these curtains is very similar to our blank scarves and shawls — which means that they are ideal for blockprinting, shibori, fabric paint, and a whole range of surface design techniques.  Frame your windows with your own creativity!

Beautifully woven cotton curtains. Some feature jacquard details (dots and stripes) some feature metallic threads, all have a soft airy drape that creates a subtle opacity. Perfect to let a diffused light shine through.

Now in-store and online.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Handwoven at its Finest

Exquisitely Handwoven Shawls
from the WomenWeave Co-operative.

Creating some of the most contemporary hand-weaving in India today.

WomenWeave have re-invented the shawl, through manipulating the architecture of the cloth itself and working with combinations of different fibre types. Woven from beautiful soft Khadi, silks, wool, and blends, these naturally dyed shawls have depth of personality, colourful character, and a most wonderful drape and hand.

Now in-store and online.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

New Jutis Have Arrived!

These Jutis are handmade in Jodhpur, a city known for the intricate detail of its designs and the skill of its artisans. Soft leather is the canvas for exquisite Ari embroidery, the fine needlework technique which adorns the uppers. A plush, padded leather insole completes the shoe.

The leather softens and offers a nice give with wear.

These jutis are perfect to slip on and head to an event or wear around the house. They are also lovely as decoration because they are just so stunning. 

In Store and Online.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Stock up Your Studio for May with Free Shipping!

Visit maiwa.com and receive


within Canada and the Continental U.S.A.

{Through the month of May}

Maiwa is constantly adding new products to the website.
Check back soon for updates.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Merchant & Mills New Additions

Merchant & Mills

in 2010 Carolyn Denham and Roderick Field brought English bespoke traditions into the world of sewing patterns, scissors, and notions. Through their efforts an entirely new generation has embraced the idea that one can make their own clothes and have fun doing it. Everything about the line is finely tuned to the two words that Merchant and Mills use to defined themselves: Style and Purpose.

Maiwa is proud to be carrying Merchant and Mills. We sell patterns, notions and their exceptionally sharp scissors online. In Maiwa Supply we also stock a number of their yardage offerings.

Visit us on Granville Island
or visit us online at maiwa.com

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Maiwa's Naturally Dyed Organic Yarn


After years working with artisan weavers and knitters, Maiwa has developed its own line of yarns. These yarns are everything we have been looking for in a spun fibre.

Our undyed linen shows the raw beauty of Belgian flax, spun in Bengal. Our naturally dyed yarns are rich and deep, coloured through the use of traditional recipes which have been developed by Maiwa in collaboration with master dyers in India.

The linen line has a wonderful buttery hand and the exceptional weight and presence that only linen can give. Available in fourteen colours and four weights.


Maiwa's Honest Yarns - the voice of craft. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2 New Ajrakh Collection From India

From Dhamadka and Ajrakhpur

The full collection of 20 patterns and colours is available in-store at our Granville Island location with selected pieces available online.

Ajrakh is the name of a cloth that has been blockprinted in the traditional method using natural dyes such as indigo, madder, and pomegranate. The ajrakh process is a long one, involving several steps of washing and scouring the cloth, then additional steps to mordant the cloth, and still more steps as each colour is either directly blockprinted or resist blockprinted with natural dyes. the order is of utmost importance as the layers of colour are built up and the traditional geometric ajrakh patterns emerge.

 Producing an ajrakh involves entire communities: block cutters, dye farmers (for the many natural dyeplants), cloth merchants, and of course, the ajrakh craftspeople themselves (those who mordant, print, dye and design the cloth). While we assist in procurement of raw materials, maintaining high standards of quality, and product finishing, designs remain the realm of the craftsperson.

From Maharashtra


We have just started working with a new group of Maharashtra block printers. A selection of one-of-a-kind contemporary ajrakh scarves and shawls like the two images above are available in-store at our Granville Island location.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Valerie Goodwin's Cartographic Quilt Workshop

 The Cartographic Quilt
With Valerie Goodwin

May 15-18 (Mon-Thu) 10am-4pm
Maiwa Loft - Granville Island - Vancovuer, BC


Internationally known for pushing art quilts into new cartographic territory, Valerie Goodwin’s award winning works are inspired by her love of maps, aerial views, landscapes, and her diagrammatic re-interpretation of cities.

Her unique artistic voice is influenced by her formal training as an architect. In Valerie Goodwin’s own words,  “The journey I have been on has taken me in many surprising and totally unexpected directions.  It has also created interesting results made by my desire to fuse my work as an architect with my work as a fibre artist.”

Valerie Goodwin joins us from the USA


Cross-fertilization between disciplines can enrich how an artist approaches her work. This workshop will focus on the basic principles of graphic composition used by many architects. Students will learn to create rich and complex arrangements using principles of scale, merging, layering/overlapping, ranking, and framing. 

Beginning with a series of quick exercises, students will gain a grounding in the fundamentals of composition and begin employing the elements and principles of design. 

Valerie Goodwin will work closely with students, guiding them to more advanced explorations that afford opportunities to experiment and invent. Valerie is well known for creating a flexible environment of encouragement, order, and inspiration. 

Building on these creative foundations, students will tap into the right and left sides of the brain to design a thoughtful and imaginative composition from a distinctive perspective. Each student will create a cartographic art quilt that tells the story of a particular place.

Limited spaces are still available in:

Visit schooloftextiles.com to learn more.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Maiwa Jewellery - New Pieces Now In-Store

in the Main Maiwa Store 

 Maiwa seeks out traditional items, such as amulets, broaches, turquoise, lapis, and amber. In north Africa pieces are often of Tuareg or Berber origin. When working in India we employ local silversmiths to set stones and traditional pieces in 92.5% silver settings.

We are happy to say that in India, our enthusiasm for traditional pieces has ignited renewed interest in traditional work. Often the combination of antique elements in new settings provides the perfect contrast to fire the imagination. These are pieces with a history and a story, adornment that whispers in its own voice.


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Elevate Your Pattern-Drafting to the Next Level

4-Day Reverse Pattern-Drafting
With Sheila Wong

April 27-30 (Thurs-Sun) 10am-4pm
Maiwa Loft - Granville Island - Vancouver, BC

In this four-day workshop, students will dive deep into the reverse pattern-drafting process. Dissect a garment from the inside out with an in-depth analysis of pattern extraction from complex garments.

Students will bring a completed garment and learn how to create a pattern.
Students will finish the course with a completed pattern to sew at home. This workshop does not involve sewing–it is pure pattern-drafting.

Students will have the opportunity to learn from Sheila Wong,
one of Canada's most sought after instructors.

Visit schooloftextiles.com to learn more about this intermediate-level workshop.

Garment set up for pattern creation.

Adding Details to the pattern.