Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Spring Bedding Collection in Store!

Spring has arrived with a burst of colour!
Our spring collection is now beautifully displayed in store. Handwoven cotton, hand stitched, patchwork blankets – lay them out at home, at the beach, or for the perfect picnic.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

love letters written in cotton or sealed with indigo ...

Maiwa is proud to be featured in the business section of Montecristo Magazine. Writer Maya-Roisin Slater wrapped up with a paragraph that we want to share:

Maiwa is more than just a store, though—beyond scarves and blankets, Kwon is in the business of selling stories, and selling pieces of art that are labours of love, not labours of necessity. Each dye pattern or set of stitching is its own dialect; the textile pieces are statements from the hands of their makers. The items sold at Maiwa are lover letters written in cotton or sealed with indigo, while Kwon and her team take the role of the postman, delivering each precious message faithfully to the homes of those ready and eager to listen.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bookspotting - Textiles of the Banjara

 A new joy as authors is seeing your book in places ... here are a few recent sightings.

In the Maiwa Loft - being mailed out to everyone who pre-ordered.

In Daunt's Books (London, England, possibly our favourite bookstore in the world).

In the Victoria and Albert giftshop. In the India section, beside The Fabric of India.

Have you see seen our book somewhere? Let us know in the comments.

Order your copy through Maiwa Online

Friday, March 25, 2016

Imprints of Culture: Block Printed Textiles of India

Abduljabbar Khatri in the Bonington Gallery, Nottingham, UK.
This month, Nottingham Trent University in Nottingham, UK, was at the centre of the block printing world. Three events kept us focused.

The first was an exhibition in the Bonington Gallery featuring block printing history and sites of contemporary practice. The exhibition, titled Imprints of Culture: Block Printed Textiles of India, included historic pieces, items of traditional dress, video footage of process and a compelling series of stills documenting the individuals who keep this time-consuming craft alive. We arrived in the last days of the show and were able to photograph Abduljabbar Khatri next to a print design based on cloth fragments recovered from Fustat, Egypt. In the background is one of Abduljabbar's masterworks, a double sided ajrakh cloth with a complex centre motif. In 2007 Abduljabbar's two brothers, Ismail and Razzaque, presented lectures and workshops at the Maiwa Textile Symposium. In January, curator Eiluned Edwards was interviewed by Aesthetica Magazine about her experience putting together the exhibit.

The second was the release of Eiluned Edwards new book, titled Block Printed Textiles of India: Imprints of Culture. We are just in the process of adding it to the Maiwa online store and will post a review when it arrives (but we've had a brief look at it, here in Nottingham and are very impressed!).

The third was a program put together by Eiluned titled "Culture, Heritage and Sustainability." It was a one day seminar held in Nottingham Trent University exploring the ways in which cultural heritage is managed and sustained in different contexts—with a strong emphasis on India. Participants included Sandy Black, (author of The Sustainable Fashion Handbook), Charllotte Kwon (of Maiwa), Abduljabbar Khatri and Eiluned Edwards, Divia Patel (co-curator with Rosemary Crill of the Fabric of India Exhibition), Ritu Sethi (of the Craft Revival Trust), Ruth Clifford (graduate student looking at design education for traditional artisans) and Jatin Bhatt (of Ambedkar University, Delhi) who looked at the craft sector from a systems standpoint.

It was an engaging day and concluded a number of smaller events including a hands-on block printing workshops delivered by Abduljabbar Khatri.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A "Blend of Fashion & Clay" Event

Tuesday, March 29th   7-10pm

Maiwa Handprints, Devil May Wear, and The Gallery of BC Ceramics


EARTH AND WEAR – A unique blend of fashion & clay.

Join us for hors-d'oeuvres, a cash bar, and fabulous door prizes.

At The Gallery of BC Ceramics
1359 Cartwright St. Granville Island
Vancouver BC

Friday, February 26, 2016

New Website for the Maiwa School of Textiles.

We've overhauled everything. Now, the Fall 2016 offerings are listed in a shiny new website.

We are a bit ahead of the curve this year, and we are happy to say that these listings are ready earlier than usual. This gives you lots of time to plan your textile education.

Look for our printed course calendar in June.

Registration opens June 20, 2016.

Friday, February 19, 2016

New Jewellery in the Maiwa Store

Maiwa is a place of many talented staff. One of our own, Melodie Borosevich, has designed and made a jewellery line based loosely on tribal styles. Worked in silver, her designs are a thoroughly modern reinterpretation with clean lines and elegant curves.

Maiwa is pleased to have a selection of her pieces for sale in the main store on Granville Island.

Above, Melodie Borosevich's jewellery worn by Ja Pace who has modeled Maiwa clothing for our photo shoots and fashion shows. Photographed by another Maiwa staff, Tim McLaughlin.

See more photos on Maiwa's instagram feed:
Tim's instagram feed:
or Melodie's instagram feed:

Or see the real thing in the Main Maiwa Store.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sale Ends This Sunday at Maiwa East

30-50% off all furniture at Maiwa East until Sunday Feb. 21st.

Antique Teak Furniture
Architectural Salvage
Illustrated Cabinets
Carved Doors

Thurs. to Sat. 10am - 5pm, Sun. 11am - 5pm

1310 Odlum Drive, Vancouver BC
1 Block East of Clark, 3 blocks North of 1st.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jane Stafford in Ethiopia

Jane Stafford in Sabahar's weaving shed - Adis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Well known weaving instructor, Jane Stafford has just returned from a trip to visit Sabahar in Ethiopia.

Jane and Sabahar first met at the 2011 Maiwa masterclass in Bengal. So, like a textile matchmaker, Maiwa is quite proud that the two have kept in touch and maintained a relationship.

Jane has given a full description of her Ethiopian visit in her newsletter and now she is re-posting the story on her website.

Here are direct links:

Part 1
Weaving in Ethiopia Part 1

Part 2
Weaving in Ethiopia Part 2

Jane working with the weavers.