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by - Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Ajrakh is a traditional block printing technique that has been practiced for centuries.
 Natural dyes are used to create eloquent geometric patterns on cotton that reveal a remarkable play between figure and line. Blocks are hand-carved from hardwood and then used in a printing process 
that can involve between thirteen and twenty-one distinct steps. The many processes of scouring, washing, printing, dyeing, and final washing can take up to three weeks to complete. Much of the beauty and depth of Ajrakh cloth comes from the intricacy of the imprint that is left by the artisan’s hand. Instantly recognizable - there is nothing like an Ajrakh.

14 New Ajrakh Patterns In Store and Online


Meet the Artisans

These Ajrakhs are made by the Khatri family residing in the Kutch desert of Gujarat, India - a family that have been block printing for over nine generations.

These intricate designs demand great focus and commitment. The marvel of a two sided ajrakh, with the pattern registered and printed once on the front and reversed on the back, is a testament to the precision and capability of the creative spirit.

Maiwa actively seeks to support ajrakh artisans who live and work in the Kutch desert. We incorporate a large amount of their textiles in our bedding and clothing lines. While we assist in procurement of raw materials, maintaining high standards of quality, and product finishing, designs remain the realm of the craftperson.

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