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Maiwa works with artisans to create some of the finest hand embroidery being done today: incredibly detailed work from the remarkable Banjara and jewel-like pieces from many of the tribal communities of the Kutch desert in Gujarat. Embroidery is a unique expression of the embroiderer — no two pieces are the same.

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 Meet the Banjara

  The Banjara,­ a semi-nomadic group found throughout the Indian subcontinent, are renowned for their highly colourful textiles. Embellished with mirrors, shells, & intricate embroidery, Banjara work displays a surprisingly modern aesthetic. It’s a celebration of the strength of the women who practice it.

Meet the Embroiderers of Kutch

The proud stitch-heritage of the Kutch region shows in every thread of these embroideries. Many ethnic groups are famous for their needlework: Dhebaria and Kutchi Rabari, Dhanetah Jats, Sodha Rajputs, and Mutwa. Each group has a traditional repertoire of figure and motif. These embroideries bring the richness of desert cultures into your hands — heirlooms for the future.

Books We've Written

Learn more about these cultures and their embroidery.

 Meet the Jawaja Leatherworkers

Maiwa champions partnerships between craftspeople. The Banjara — Jawaja collaboration is one of our most successful. Bold Banjara embroideries are well matched by the handmade leatherwork from the Artisans Alliance of Jawaja. The skills of these two groups come together in a collection of timeless pieces. 

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