Himalayan Shoulder Blankets

by - Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Himalayan Shoulder-Blankets

We have many ways to wrap-up this winter. Today's feature is a handwoven Himalayan shoulder-blanket. Woven by artisans in the Avani co-operative who live very close to the India - Tibet border, these are naturally dyed and made from the local sheep wool. Many of the artisans have migrated to India from Tibet and bring considerable weaving skills. The shoulder-blankets are used throughout the Himalayas, folded and draped over the shoulder when it is warm or wrapped around the body when it is cold. They are substantial, falling somewhere between a shawl and a blanket: 86" x 41" (220 x 104 cm.) They are good for covering your feet on the couch, or for wrapping up when you want to go outside. Who needs a coat? They also give many nice options for layering when combined with a lighter scarf around the neck.

$139.95 only at the Granville Island Store. Available in a variety of colour combinations.

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