Checking in with the Artisans Alliance of Jawaja

by - Friday, February 17, 2012

Each year when we visit we sit on these steps. It has become a tradition after the meeting is over, to take a group photo.  Each year we come a little further. Each year we accomplish a little more. Last year was a break-through year for the weavers. The year before that we were presented with a series of new designs that the leatherworkers had made. 2009, of course, was the year that members of the Artisan's Alliance of Jawaja (AAJ) almost came to Canada for our Symposium.

Each year we see a change in the village. A new coat of paint here, a wall repaired and cleaned up there, everything a little better, more welcoming, more content than it was before. As a group of artisans, both the leatherworkers and the weavers have great determination. It is a determination that is constant, exercised a little each day, and so when we look back over our relationship – five years ago, ten years ago, it fills us with a great sense of satisfaction and confidence. Here are some photos from our recent visit.

We've added most of the Jawaja leatherwork to our online store. Find it here.

Everything is discussed in a large group meeting in the "go down" (Indian name for warehouse).

Jawaja proudly displays their recent work on the walls.

The women are also present, not wanting to miss the excitement.

When we finally prepare to leave there are blessings all around.

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