Wrap Drape & Throw: Woven Cottons & Patterned Prints

by - Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Shown: Charkha Organic Khadi Cotton Shawl
held in the hands of our good friend and regular instructor India Flint

When we unfurled them for the first time: gasps, murmurs, and sighs. A patterned thread running through the weave; tassel tied and true; wild silks and selvedge. Remarkable cloth. Remarkably made.

Shown: Wild Eri Silk Scarf - Moss
Shown: (L) Organic Khadi Cotton Hand-Stitched Shawl - Simple Stitch 
(R) Wild Tussar Silk Shawl - Ajrakh - Indigo Monsoon
Shown: (L) Wild Tussar Silk Shawl - Ajrakh - Geometric(R) Wild Tussar Silk Shawl - Ajrakh - Desert Sky
Shown: Fine Handwoven Cotton Shawl - Checks & Stripes

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on Granville Island — 7 days a week between 10 am and 7 pm


BHUJODI WEAVING — For over twenty years Maiwa has been working with Bhujodi weavers. Located in the Kachchh desert region of Gujarat in westernmost India, the Vankar family has been working with traditional weaves for many generations. In the last decade these far-sighted weavers have dedicated themselves to the use of natural dyes. Now the Vankars are as talented in dyeing as they are in weaving. It's an unbeatable combination of exceptional skills.

AJRAKH BLOCK PRINTING — The Khatris of Damadkha are now some of the most skillful and well-known block printers in the world. The reputation is well deserved. The shawls shown here are woven from a wild silk known as tussar — but the traditional block printing process was developed for cotton.  The Khatris have experimented and adapted the traditional printing process in order to work with silk. The family is constantly innovating with process and design. Meet the extended family here.

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