Charllotte Kwon wins Leadership in Craft Award

by - Thursday, November 02, 2017

We are happy to announce that Charllotte Kwon has won the 2017 Robert Jekyll Award for Leadership in Craft.

A business leader, teacher, promoter, non-profit founder and a textile artist in her own right, Kwon has worked for over 30 years to advance the practice and appreciation of textile arts here in Canada and across the globe. An expert in natural dyes, she has traveled the world, studying, teaching, and working with artists in traditional techniques in India, Peru, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and here at home in Canada. Through documentaries, books, workshops and symposiums, she shares her love of textile arts with an audience both in and outside of the craft community.
Through the many branches of her Maiwa organizations, including a Research Library and Textile Collection, the international Foundation, Production company, School of Textiles, and three retail stores, Kwon’s work is felt on every level of craft, assisting international artists and Canadian artists in exchange, professional development and market access.
Described as “passionate, generous, indefatigable, and always proudly Canadian” by her nominator, tapestry artist Barbara Heller, Charllotte is “a visionary who consistently puts her philosophy into practice. Her work in craft education and sustainable production has inspired Canadian textile artists for decades.”
Having gone above and beyond to connect and support artists and to draw incomparable attention and engagement to the textile arts, Kwon has made a lasting impact worthy of national recognition.
The 2017 award was presented on September 14th, 2017, during the Canadian Crafts Federation’s Community Craft Social, during the CCF’s annual conference, “Intersections & Interconnexions”. Charllotte could not attend as she was managing the Maiwa Textile Symposium, however, she sent a video acceptance message which also contained a shorter version of the video presented at the conclusion of the 2017 Threads Lecture in Vancouver.

Below is the video. Here is a direct link:

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  1. Charlotte, this is so well-deserved, congratulations. You have built an amazing universe of connections and art. Thank you from all of us who benefit from it.

  2. Congratulations Charllotte. A richly deserved recognition :)


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