The Perfect Shawl for Summer

by - Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The art of handweaving in Bengal is ancient. In some villages you can hear the flying shuttles of handlooms as you pass each and every dwelling on a village street. Maiwa works in collaboration with artisans to encourage longevity of skills. We commission pieces, such as jamdani and double warps, that can only be made by artisans who control each and every throw of the shuttle. 

Traditional Bengal weaving often begins with hand-spun cottons and silks. As these fibres are twisted into yarns, and as these yarns are woven into fabrics, the work passes from artisan to artisan, just as the weaving knowledge passes from generation to generation in an unbroken thread stretching back thousands of years. 

The richness and beauty of these shawls are perfect for summer.

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