Valerie Goodwin's Cartographic Quilt Workshop

by - Sunday, April 09, 2017

 The Cartographic Quilt
With Valerie Goodwin

May 15-18 (Mon-Thu) 10am-4pm
Maiwa Loft - Granville Island - Vancovuer, BC


Internationally known for pushing art quilts into new cartographic territory, Valerie Goodwin’s award winning works are inspired by her love of maps, aerial views, landscapes, and her diagrammatic re-interpretation of cities.

Her unique artistic voice is influenced by her formal training as an architect. In Valerie Goodwin’s own words,  “The journey I have been on has taken me in many surprising and totally unexpected directions.  It has also created interesting results made by my desire to fuse my work as an architect with my work as a fibre artist.”

Valerie Goodwin joins us from the USA


Cross-fertilization between disciplines can enrich how an artist approaches her work. This workshop will focus on the basic principles of graphic composition used by many architects. Students will learn to create rich and complex arrangements using principles of scale, merging, layering/overlapping, ranking, and framing. 

Beginning with a series of quick exercises, students will gain a grounding in the fundamentals of composition and begin employing the elements and principles of design. 

Valerie Goodwin will work closely with students, guiding them to more advanced explorations that afford opportunities to experiment and invent. Valerie is well known for creating a flexible environment of encouragement, order, and inspiration. 

Building on these creative foundations, students will tap into the right and left sides of the brain to design a thoughtful and imaginative composition from a distinctive perspective. Each student will create a cartographic art quilt that tells the story of a particular place.

Limited spaces are still available in:

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