Christine Mauersberger delivers a Stitch in Time

by - Friday, September 16, 2016

On September 14th Christine Mauersberger delivered her lecture A Stitch in Time. From the influence of family and a desire to work in the fibre arts to her many commissions and installations. Her lecture came at the conclusion of two workshops that left students inspired and hungry for more. Christine was clear that, for her, curiosity, drive, and a dedication to making carried the day.

Christine was introduced by Sheila Wex with a poetic meditation on the nature of Christins's work. We've had a few request for the text and Sheila has kindly obliged. Here it is:

"We’re all on a journey to discover who we are, what we’re here to express, and how we might enter the world with what we create. The 21st century is different from the 19th or the 15th, yet we can still learn form artists of the past. But the conversation we’re having is with the present moment, with our time and space."

From Making Art a Practice, Cat Bennett (And Christine is tucked away in these pages too.)

So, this evening is all about you, what you will learn and the deep connection of our souls with what we do with our hands…….. 

Where what we do simply, is simply beautiful.

Christine Mauersberger is here from Cleveland, Ohio to take us on this journey, the result of her journey of listening to her own depths and becoming connected to herself and surroundings, and then showing it in stitch. 

Yes, she has won numerous awards, fellowships and grants. 
Yes, she has even done installations in homes slated for demolition, so the transient nature of our lives and what we do is given added poignancy in that fragility. 
Yes, her work is represented in many collections
And Yes, she has the degrees and training in graphic expression - but what she brings to us is far more.

Christine’s deep comfort as a child came from hearing her mother at the sewing machine. Everything was right with the world when that sound broke into her consciousness. Many of us here probably have like tales about mothers, mostly mothers, stitching, sewing, mending and our being able to easily find them by the sounds or quiet in our homes. 

It is in the peace where Christine can listen and create - It is from that peace she speaks, works and teaches. And she has a deep sense of time closely aligned with that of the Indigenous Peoples on whose land we stand; the realization that time itself is timeless, inanimate; has no substance - no beginning - no end. 

We have what we are given, that’s it. 
Time is not a commodity, which can be saved, invested, spent or wasted.

And tied to time are Silvery Hours, which we have all encountered but possibly never named. We may just hear about those too.

So, we welcome Christine to MAIWA, to Vancouver, and to the West Coast, where in certain spots at certain times, we too have Silvery Hours.

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