Susan Shie Presents The Art of Story Painting

by - Thursday, October 01, 2015

On the last day of September, Susan Shie presented her lecture: The Art of Story Painting. Susan explained how her work evolved from a fascination with pattern, to time consuming stitch work, and finally settled on the diary paintings that brought her to such acclaim. She described the process of painting as being like watching a hummingbird hover over the fabric. In contrast, the text which she hand-writes over the surface of the cloth is time-consuming and meditative.

Susan advocated drawing by hand and encouraged each member of the audience to draw a little every day. When we look at how children draw, she said, they have no fear of drawing the right way or the wrong way - they just draw. Its a great way to be.

Susan will also teach a workshop while she is in Vancouver. Aya Matsunaga lectures on October 1. Next week it is Barbara Todd on Monday October 5th.

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