Aya Matsunaga Lights a Spark at the Maiwa Symposium

by - Friday, October 02, 2015

On October 1 Aya Matsunaga delivered her lecture to an intimate and receptive audience. Aya talked about her development as an artist and the formative influence of working for fashion designers such as Benetton while she was living in Treviso, Italy. While studying in the United Kingdom at Nottingham Trent Aya realized the potential of knitting machines as a preliminary step toward the creation of her own handmade textile techniques.

Aya's lecture was delivered on the evening of the day her workshop wrapped up. Students were still buzzing from the ideas and innovations that reverberated throughout the five days of Knitting, Fulling, Felting.

Aya Matsunaga's textiles can still be seen on display at the Silk Weaving Studio exhibit which runs until October 24th, 2015.

The evening was introduced by Diana Sanderson of the Silk Weaving Studio. The Silk Weaving Studio is part of an ongoing collaboration with Maiwa and they have been instrumental in helping to bring exceptional Japanese artisans to Vancouver. Diana lit a sparkler to emphasize just what a bright spark Aya Matsunaga was.

Next week Barbara Todd presents Stone Drawings and Quilted Lines on Monday October 5th.
Tickets still available.

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