The Return of India Flint

by - Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How long is a piece of string? 
Twice the distance from it's middle to it's end.

That was just one of the nuggets of wisdom imparted by India Flint during her lecture "String Theory - How a Piece of String Stretched from Hope Springs to Hollywood" delivered last night as part of the Maiwa Textile Symposium. India introduced the audience to her family background and her Australian home. She recounted her dressmaking skills and explained how homemade string is the perfect measuring device.

India was introduced by Jo O'Callaghan who, knowing India's predilection for using found objects to pattern cloth, presented her with a salvaged anchor chain from West Howe Sound. A little local colour to add some topical colour. 

India will be teaching a sold-out workshop while in Vancouver. 2015 marks the second year that we have been fortunate enough to have India as one of our international instructors.

The next lecture is Monday September 21 - Beverly Gordon's sold out presentation: "The Fabric of our Lives: Why Textiles Matter."

As we are writing this post we still have some tickets available for Michel Garcia's "Field Notes in the Colour Garden" on Tuesday September 22nd.

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