2015 Maiwa Symposium - The List is Out!

by - Thursday, April 02, 2015

Registration will open on June 22nd at 10am.
We will post full descriptions of the workshops with
dates, costs, and instructor bios over the next few weeks.
Our printed course calendar will be mailed at the end of May.


Journey into Indigo - Danielle Bush & Sophena Kwon
Diagonal Knitting - Alison Ellen
Colour Study for Knitters - Alison Ellen
Knitting 3-D Shapes - Alison Ellen
Human Marks - Dorothy Caldwell
Made in Japan - Diana Sanderson
Tactile Notebooks and the Written Word - Sandra Brownlee
The Wayfarer’s Wandercoat Workshop - India Flint
Adventures with World Textiles - Beverly Gordon
Cloth and Memory - Beverly Gordon
Indigo: The Organic Vat - Michel Garcia
The Nature of Colour - Michel Garcia
Two Days of Islamic Geometric Design - Eric Broug
One Day of Islamic Geometric Design - Eric Broug
Knitting, Fulling, Felting - Aya Matsunaga
Story Painting on Cloth - Susan Shie
The Colour Workshop - Natalie Grambow
Baskets: Process and Material Explorations - Joan Carrigan
Studies in Contrast, Colour, and Design - Barbara Todd 
Decorative Mending - Sivia Harding
Fitted Cowl - Sivia Harding
Uncommon Cowls - Sivia Harding
The Creative Studio - Natalie Grambow
Expressive Painting and Printing with Procion MX - Sue Benner
Natural Dyes - Charllotte Kwon
Gee’s Bend Quilting - Gee’s Bend
Make a Joyful Noise - Lonnie Holley
Rust and Burn - Daniella Woolf
Encaustic Minimalist - Daniella Woolf
Bhutanese Weaving Two-Day Workshop - Wendy Garrity
Bhutanese Weaving Three-Day Workshop - Wendy Garrity
Resist Felting - Chad Alice Hagen
Books with a Twist - Chad Alice Hagen
The Art of Embroidery - Bonnie Adie
Mushrooms: Colours from the Forest - Ann Harmer
Down the Silk Road - Carol Soderlund
Rug Hooking - Michelle Sirois-Silver
A Study in Socks - Naomi Rozell
The Complete Feltmaker - Rene Evans
Advanced Rug Hooking - Michelle Sirois-Silver
One Pot Palette - Danielle Bush & Sophena Kwon
Natural Dyes: Print and Paint - Danielle Bush & Sophena Kwon
Bookbinding: Ancient to Modern - Gaye Hansen
Bookbinding: The Artist’s Book - Gaye Hansen
Introduction to Dyes - Natalie Grambow


Dorothy Caldwell  In Place
Sandra Brownlee Departures and Returns
India Flint String Theory
Beverly Gordon The Fabric of Our Lives
Michel Garcia Field Notes in the Colour Garden
Eric Broug  The Compass and The World
Susan Shie The Art of Story Painting
Aya Matsunaga Knitted Felt Works
Barbara Todd  Stone Drawings and Quilted Lines 
Sue Benner The Working Path
Gee’s Bend Quilters Gee’s Bend Lecture
Wendy Garrity Kushutara: A Weaver’s Journey
Chad Alice Hagen A Bookmaker’s Story 
Charllotte Kwon Return to Jawaja 


Lonnie Holley with Guests 
Nuno Trunk Show 
Selected Innovations: The Inspiring Legacy of Junichi Arai and Nuno 
Tasty Colours Aya Matsunaga

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