Review - My Forest is a Garden

by - Friday, October 24, 2014

On October 21, Rutsuko Sakata presented her lecture "My Forest is a Garden." She introduced the audience to the small northern village of Fiskars, famed for it scissors, where she spends a little more that half of each year.

Rutsuko then proceeded to talk about the inspiration for her very graphic work before moving on to explain how she works. The audience witnessed an in-depth survey of her work including a short film featuring her clothing and textiles in a dance performance.

We are happy to share this film as it has been posted to youtube and is available here:

Below is a still from the film. Rutsuko manages to combine a very strong graphic sensibility with an innovative textile technique. 

Virta - Stream - link to youtube movie.

Next up - October 25 "The Orissa File" with Charllotte Kwon.

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