Workshop - Katazome

by - Tuesday, April 15, 2014

[2014 Symposium registration opens June 23 at 10am.]

2014 Maiwa Textile Symposium
Workshop Katazome 
Prof Masayoshi Ohashi and Reiko Sudo

$295 includes 80 lab fee
September 6, 7 - Class Limit 16
Maiwa East: 1310 Odlum Drive, Vancouver BC

Professor Masayoshi Ohashi studied under the direct tutelage of Japan’s first Living National Treasure, Keisuke Serizawa, and has since gone on to research and transmit traditional Japanese dyeing techniques to new generations. 

Students will learn Keisuke Serizawa’s stencil-dyeing techniques using pigments on washi paper and natural indigo on fabric. First they will learn how to prepare sheets of mulberry paper for use as a stencil. They will then be taught the variety of techniques to create a successful stencil: cutting, the use of punches, and proper placement and design of imagery. 

The class will proceed to reinforcing the stencil with fine silk netting. This is an art in itself, but a carefully made stencil, if treated properly, will last the artisan for many years. The workshop will conclude with paste resist and printing with the stencils.

This is a rare opportunity to connect with the lineage of Japanese master artisans. The course is co-taught by Reiko Sudo, of the famous Nuno Corporation, an innovator in fabric design and fashion.

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