Review - India Flint: The Peripatetic Alchemist - Travels With a Dyepot

by - Saturday, September 21, 2013

India Flint spoke to a capacity crowd on Thursday night as she took the audience through some impressive ways to get colour on cloth. Starting in her native Australia, India showed slides of the many beautiful shades and patterns to be had from eucalyptus leaves. She also explored the options available from river and ocean muds and waters, as well as an extensive variety of plants. The talk included images of India's gallery installations and also her work done in costume design for a number of companies including the West Australian Ballet.

True to the title of her lecture: The Peripatetic Alchemist - Travels with a Dyepot, India started a dye project as soon as she arrived in Vancouver. Within 50 yards of the Net Loft (the event location on Granville Island) India collected a variety of materials including plants and some handmade nails. She made a dye bundle and heated it in a small crockpot that she brought with her. At the conclusion of the lecture India unwrapped the parcel to reveal some remarkable colours.

Our next event is textile author and trader John Gillow presenting African Textiles on September 26th. Tickets are still available here.

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  1. India is the essence of what she does. Brilliant, smart, funny, surprising and always aware. No doubt your audience was thrilled amazed and more informed after her lecture.


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