Natural Dyes on Salt Spring - Day 2

by - Friday, August 30, 2013

The tables in Janes weaving studio are covered with the mordanted samples.

We are sharing some of the highlights of our Natural Dye workshop which was held in conjunction with Jane Stafford Textiles. On the first day the students patiently completed a schedule of mordants. On the second day - the colour begins.

Dyeing with cochineal - one of the richest colours.

Students work in groups to complete a large number of colour samples. It is an intense day with many pots and even more squares of fabric, and skeins of yarn. Recipes are not complicated but the possibility of a mix-up is ever present.

Checking dyeing for colour and even coverage.
As the day progresses the colour slowly cover the tables, the floor and almost every available space.

Colour samples ... 

 More samples ...

And still more samples ...
The goal of this day is to complete all the dyes except indigo. Indigo gets its own day when we will explore stitch resist techniques and overdye our other colour samples.

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  1. I love the colours , they all look great in any combinations.

  2. I love your instruction. You just made my millennium! :) Thank you for your clear and excellent directions. Your knowledge of the subject just thrilled me to no end. I am a silk seamstress and dyer. Your site is priceless to me. Thanks again.

  3. I have been looking for a way to use our "Georgia Red Clay"...thanks...

    1. Have you died anything from the pretty Georgia clay?

  4. How did you do the yellow ones?

    1. You can get the yellow from curcuma or curry

  5. You can also get amazing yellows
    from brown onion skins!


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