Granville Island Works - New Edition

by - Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hot off the press this week - it's the new Granville Island Works. This document contains in depth interviews with the artisans and businesses who call Granville Island home. Put together by Zen House Media, this richly illustrated magazine will motivate you to find the hidden treasures of the Island.

Maiwa is pleased to have an entry on its main store, its supply store, Maiwa East and its philosophy of slow clothes.

Granville Island Works is a free publication. Pick yours up in the Maiwa stores or at other Granville Island merchants.

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  1. Just to let other non-Vancouver fans of Maiwa and Vancouver who can't always pop into Maiwa (more's the pity), there is an on-line version of Granville Island Works at:

    Patricia in Fort Worth, TX,


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