Maiwa attends the Jaipur Literary Festival - and makes the front page

by - Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sophena Kwon and Ja Pace caught at the Jaipur Literary Festival

Taking a little break from putting together next year's clothing line, some of Team Maiwa were caught by a photographer at the opening of the Jaipur Literary Festival. The very talented Sophena Kwon left and Ja Pace, right. Sophena is in India working on the clothing line, designing and photography. She is there with both her mother Charllotte Kwon and brother Alex Kwon. Ja, who regular readers will recognize as one of the dancers at our fashion show, and a model for some of our summer clothing. is traveling around  India with friends and family. Ja opened the festival together with 15 drummers on Friday morning. By coincidence Ja had met up with one of her drumming teachers who's band just happened to be the opening act - and so she was invited up on stage. Both women are wearing Maiwa clothing.

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