Hand/Eye #6 the Colour Issue

by - Thursday, December 08, 2011

Wool shawls woven in Bhujodi village, Vishram Valji Vankar in the background.

HAND/EYE has done it again. This time with an entire issue dedicated to colour. We are especially proud of this issue because we were able to contribute to it. Maiwa editor, Tim McLaughlin has written an article on Lac red. Tim takes the reader through the harvest and history of lac and ends up at Bhujodi, a village in India's Kutch desert, where master weaver Shamji Vishram Vankar is behind the revival of lac and other natural dyes.

Regular readers will recognize Shamji as the weaver of a magnificent Masterworks exhibition piece.

Among the other contributors in the issue are Marta Turok - writing about Mexico's shellfish purple, Adam Levin - writing about Kente, the royal Ashanti cloth of west Africa, Marcella Echavarria - interviewing Gasali Adeyemo about Nigerian Indigo and Abigail Doan - writing about Beth Nielsen. Though it features natural colour, the issue also explores emerald mining in Zambia, the use of white in the ecstatic Candomblé religion of Brazil, and the role of red in Macedonian traditional dress. As with previous issues of HAND/EYE #6 is lushly illustrated with beautiful photography.

The magazine is available in our online store for $12.95 cdn. You can also flip through it in Maiwa Supply.

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