More Clothing has Arrived

by - Monday, July 26, 2010

Every week we get new arrivals from India of fabulous cotton and linen clothes.

These are slow clothes and we've been working for years to bring them to you at the height of summer. Come into the shop and we'll tell you that behind us are the block cutters and block printers, the natural dyers, the weavers, the tailors, pattern drafters, sewers, and finishers. The man who presses our garments, the wonderful man with the shy smile who specializes in pintucking. Our indigo dyer who is a master at his craft and lives to make all shades of blue, our button makers, working in the shade as they gossip and sew. When the garments arrive we recall the days spend in front of swatches of fabric, the network of connections necessary to get the best organic cotton on the market, the fine adjustments of a seam or hem that makes the garment perfect. When the garments arrive you cannot imagine our pride and happiness.

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