Dhokra sculpture and more at Maiwa East

by - Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We've just taken then packing off another shipment. In addition to the large hardwood cabinets we received, there are some exceptional smaller pieces. Each one is unique.

We receive containers on a regular basis holding old furniture, carved doors & thresholds, teak cabinets, coffee tables, book cases, engraved water urns, ironwork chairs and tables, furniture handpainted by the renowned Abhi Shakar and Jetu Singh, and many other items both large and small. All hardwoods are old or reclaimed.

Featured in the top photo is a Dhokra sculpture made by the lost wax technique.

The sculptor begins the process by producing a clay original. This figure is then tightly wrapped with thin cords of either beeswax of tree sap. To bring the figure to life additional details may be added to the wax at this point. Once the wax layer is complete it is covered by a clay paste. The clay is heated, the wax melts and runs out and the mold is ready. Molten metalis poured into the mold. When the metal cools the clay mold is broken and the sculpture is released. Each mold produces only one casting. Price range 49.95 - 189.95.

The second item is a solid brass door knocker. This is a substantial piece that would add an exotic splendour to any front door or entry. You'll want to visit your own home just to use it. Price 79.95.

The third item is a wooden chest with a selection of brass singing bowls on top. The wooden chest features a hardwood top and a subtle distressed finish. Chest 299.95.

Perhaps best known as Tibetian singing bowls, our selection are made in India from hammered solid brass. When the bowl is rimmed with the wooden mallet the bowl sings like a bell. The tones are haunting and mysterious. Price range 49.95 - 98.95.

This is one of our more exuberant small cabinets - finished in rich, saturated colours. This one has a door made from an old carved wooden shutter and it still retains some of the metal chainwork that would have hung on the original. Price 199.00.

Lacquer candle sticks. The Kutch desert in western India is home to a group of semi-nomadic craftspeople who produce this lacquer work. Using small portable lathes the group traditionally made the posts used as legs for wooden charpoys. These colourful candlesticks come in a variety of heights, shapes and designs. Price range 24.95 - 39.95.

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