Wrapping up with the Wrap Party

by - Friday, December 11, 2009

Our reviews of the symposium events concludes with this post on the Wrap Party. Our auctions have become something of a sensation. This year in addition to complete outfits of Maiwa clothing, some great pieces of furniture, collections of dyes and supplies for the budding (or accomplished) artisan, books, and leather bags; we had Qiviuk sweaters from Qiviuk Boutique and shawls from Bappa Biswas's Bai Lou. All in all we had over 30 separate lots up for auction that raised over eleven thousand dollars for the Maiwa Foundation. The auction moves fast, is full of excitement and is a wonderful opportunity to get a great deal or just participate in the magic of an auction.

All sales at the Maiwa store were also donated to the Maiwa Foundation and this raised an additional four thousand dollars. As ever we had the raffle girls: Dani and Sophena who drew lots for a collection of door prizes. It wasn't all about highly motivated fundraising though, we also had a chance to cut some time on the dance floor groovin' to the sounds of Jamie Dale and Midnite Drive.

All too soon the evening was over and we were stacking chairs, and that was the end of the Maiwa Textile Symposium 2009. It was a high water mark for us, the best Symposium ever. Did you attend the event? Comments are welcome.

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  1. The 2009 Symposium was indeed a fabulous event! I attended all of the evening lectures, the Fashion Show, the Wrap Party and other gatherings. I bought raffles every night and enjoyed the dispersal of the great prises(including mine!). The lectures were presented with flare, competency and meaningful, multidisciplinary content. Art and social consciousness merged into ideas of Craft as a necessary human activity, an instinct perhaps,nourishing cultural survival and healing. I was deeply moved by Mr. Morimoto´s description of what has been happening in Cambodia and was also moved by Bappa Biswas, Mr. Chatterjee and Elaine Paige´s presentations. And all the others, of course. Each evening touched for me, several levels of meaning and I fully apreciated the relaxed social space. I met delightful people who embrace the infinite diversity of textiles and their histories as means of expressive sharing and creative social interactions, throughout the ages.

    For the very first time, Charlotte, I understood the word `trade` and its real significance! Thank you!
    The workshop on Dying with Woad with Henri and Denise Lambert was a joyous highlight for me and I´m still admiring my beautiful samples of the purest blue, wondering how to bring them all together mending experience and memory...
    The lecture series was one of the Best learning experiences I´ve attended, in years!
    What I witnessed coming together throughout the 2009 Symposium was the evidence that it emerged from the heart. Everyone involved in its organization devoted time, attention and love to bring about intensive esthetic pleasure within a caring consciousness.Such generous gifts!
    What a party! Hope to be able to attend the next one!


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