Looms in the Loft

by - Thursday, October 01, 2009

[Update: We've added the names of the looms in the photos to give a bit more information.]

Yesterday instructor Jane Stafford arrived from Salt Spring Island with a van full of looms. We carried them up the stairs to the Maiwa loft for the Weaving in the Maiwa Tradition workshop. It was the last day of September and the late afternoon light was just hitting the golden hour. The looms were prepared with warps inspired by Bengal weaving and in particular the work of Bappaditya Biswas. It is always fascinating to see works in production and here we had a room full of looms ready for tomorrow's students to turn them into textiles.

Also in the loft that afternoon was Fernando Alvarez who was meeting with us to finalize details for the fashion show. Fernando works with Qiviuk (Musk Ox) from the arctic and he also has great familiarity with vicuña, guanaco, alpaca, and merino wools. Soon Jane and Fernando were talking fibers, knits, weaves, and twists. We felt like this was what the symposium was all about, putting one master of rare fibers in the same room with a master of weave structures. We just stand back and watch the energy flow.

Here are the looms being set up for the workshop.

A "folded" Jane. This loom is named after Jane Stafford. It is an 8 shaft loom produced by Louet North America. The most versatile portable loom we've seen.

A Schacht Wolf Pup. A 4 shaft loom warped and ready to go.

The Maiwa table with two open Janes and a homemade loom at the far end of the table.

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